Dear Lindsay,

I wanted to express my most sincere gratitude for all that you did for us. Your time, attention, detail, first-hand experience and knowledge go beyond what I ever imagined. Your passion shines. You're giving both children and adults such great tools and resources with such a positive and uplifting message. The review you provided as well as our conversations will help my daughters educators for years to come.

Forever Thankful,

Mom of a dyslexic child

“My daughter loved being a mentor for Keep KLIMBing and cannot wait to volunteer again.” 

Mom of Keep KLIMBing Mentor


Thank you for your generosity and kindness today. It was such a gift to be able to talk to another mom and an expert who can really relate and guide me about helping my son. I know many others who have the pleasure of working with you will feel the same gratitude.

Thanks again,

Mom of dyslexic son

“The Keep KLIMBing lesson plan is AMAZING and very engaging. I am going to use it to continue the work with my son after the program is over.”

Mom of a Keep KLIMBing Buddy

Love this review! I haven't seen anything like it in my years in education. Thanks for sharing

Elementary School Principle


Thanks for the write up of (daughters) review.  Everything was spot on!  Your work is important and we appreciate your time and careful consideration in analyzing her strengths and weaknesses.


Dad of dyslexic child

“During the first week of the Keep KLIMBing reading program and, for the first time ever, my son came home and on his own, pulled out a book and started reading.”

Parent of a Keep KLIMBing Buddy


I have signed up for your blog. I have read your brilliant letter on the blog today. Your wisdom today was invaluable to me.  I cannot thank you enough.  I feel inspired. 

Many thanks,

Mom of dyslexic son

Hi Lindsay,

I thoroughly read the review you did. It's excellent! Thank you SOOOOO much!!! The work you're doing is so wonderful. Really, you must feel so good about it!

Mom of dyslexic daughter